Christian Grey Audition Proves '50 Shades of Grey' Was Meant to Be a Comedy (VIDEO)

paul scheerForget Ian Somerholder, forget Ryan Gosling, I think we've found our Christian Grey. Paul Scheer, the gap-toothed comedian you'll recognize from those VH1 shows, made an audition tape for Fifty Shades of Grey the movie, and sweet butt jokes is it hilarious. Paul makes the prose really come to life and adds a keen sense of anal-sex sensuality to the character. Once you see his performance, you'll realize that Fifty Shades might work better as a comedy rather than a drama. I mean, how could anyone say these lines with a straight face?


Laughing out loud? Of course you are. If "licking Grey would be like licking Joe Biden" didn't make you chuckle, you're dead inside.

Who knows, maybe Paul can star in the parody of the Fifty Shades movie. Perhaps like the Scary Movie franchise poked fun at all the ridiculous horror flicks, Funny or Die could take the piss out of Christian and Anastasia in a full-length feature. I'd watch the shit out of that. To see Paul talk about his butt and putting things in it is to see that the novel is more hilarious than it is erotic.

I hear that rumors of Ian Somerholder auditioning for the movie are false, so here's hoping someone sees Paul's tape and realizes that Fifty Shades would make an excellent comedy. Kristin Wiig would make the perfect Ana, don't you think?

Would you rather watch Fifty Shades of Grey as a comedy or drama?


Photo via CollegeHumor

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