'50 Shades of Grey' Author Admits Christian Grey Would Be a 'Nightmare'

grey tieChristian Grey has stolen plenty of women's hearts, but surprise -- Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James isn't one of them! She recently admitted that although Christian is a product of her wildest fantasies and her "ideal man" in the bedroom, a real-life version of the character would be anything but a dream come true.

She recently admitted, "Christian's fantastic on paper but it would be a nightmare living with him." Whoa! Way to tell it like it is, Erika! The truth is that while the books have left fans craving a Christian Grey of their own, the novelty of being told what to do would quickly wear off for many of us.


E.L. James elaborates:

Perhaps I'd like to be told how to dress, eat and behave — but only for ten minutes. I like the concept, but the reality is you want someone who'll help with the housework as well.

No kidding! Most of us want a man who will be our equal, and if we do want to experiment with power play, we'd rather not let it take over our entire lives -- in and out of the bedroom. Sure, in the Fifty series, Christian and Ana ultimately find themselves mixing and matching BDSM with vanilla sex. But even so, I can't think of any women I know who would actually want to step into Anastasia's shoes and find themselves married to a mind game-playing control freak like Christian!  

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E.L. James deserves major props for acknowledging what fans of her series have known -- or at least suspected -- for some time: Christian Grey is a sham. Or at least, the idea that you'd truly want a possessive, obsessive, screwed-up guy like that as your hubby is. It's nuts!

And yet, James' point is that it's a completely healthy fantasy. There's nothing wrong with the idea of Mr. Grey making women's imaginations to run wild. But in the real world, who needs him?! We're better off falling for partners who aren't fifty shades of f***ed up.

Would you actually want a partner like Christian Grey, or are you content to fantasize about him?


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