'American Horror Story: Asylum' Teaser Trailer Is Insanely Fuh-Reaky (VIDEO)

American Horror Story Asylum buckets body parts woman

Who's ready to get crazy terrified on some American Horror Story, Season 2, especially now that Asylum has been added to the title of the show? How squirmy excited does knowing the series' new backdrop -- an east coast asylum in the 1960s -- make you for more horrifying insanity and jaw-dropping madness (literally, it seems) in the much-anticipated second season. And just wait until you see the super scary, shiver-inducing newly released teaser trailer

SPOILERS!!! Don't keep reading if you don't want to know stuff.

Bet you wanna know what that woman up there is carrying in those there buckets, don't you? Or do you?


Here's the first teaser trailer for the new season:

Um, yikes! (That music gets me every time.)

OMG, so that's Jessica Lange, right? After all, word on the street isssss that Lange is going to play a nun and insane asylum administrator named Sister Jude this season. But OMG, are those BODY PARTS in those buckets? Knowing AHS hijinks the way we do after Season 1, this body-parts-in-a-bucket foreshadowing shouldn't come as too much of a shock. {{{Shiver}}}

So yes, American Horror Story: Asylum will include the return of Jessica Lange (thank God!!!), as well as Zachary Quinto (gay Chad, who died by Rubber Man in Season 1), Evan Peters (scary Tate), Lily Rabe (heartbroken Nora), and Sarah Paulsen (the medium Billie Dean), although they are all said to be playing brand new characters this season. Peters is even supposed to be playing this season's hero!

(Of course, I'm secretly hoping Sister Jude is just Constance living under a pseudonym at the loony bin in order to watch over her grandson Michael -- Tate and Vivien's freakshow kid -- who has been committed for killing his nanny. And you know, then ghostly Tate and Chad and medium Billie Dean stop by sometimes. That'd work, wouldn't it?) 

New cast members include Adam Levine (hopefully naked), Chloe Sevigny (hopefully naked, too, since she plays a woman committed by her hubs for liking sex), Jenna Dewan (Step Up), Chris Zylka (Secret Circle, The Amazing Spider-Man), Franka Potente (the Bourne series, Run Lola Run; maybe she'll play the character committed for being a lesbian???), Mark Consuelos (All My Children and Mr. Kelly Ripa), and Clea DuVall (or maybe she'll play the character committed for being a lesbian???). And last but not least, look forward to meeting Mr. Bloody Face, this season's Rubber Man. 

American Horror Story: Asylum is scheduled to premiere on FX in October 2012. And here's the good news for AHS virgins! Creator Ryan Murphy says you don't even need to have seen Season 1 to jump right in for Season 2.

How exhilaratingly freaky freaked out are you to watch Season 2?

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