A '50 Shades of Grey' Lingerie Line Is Completely Unnecessary (VIDEO)

braIf you think the juggernaut that is Fifty Shades of Grey can be stopped at books, movies, sex toys, and precious jewels, you're sorely mistaken, my friend. The novel that launched a thousand nipple clampings has now segued into the perhaps obvious choice of lingerie. The universe decided that E.L. James, who's rumored to make over a million dollars a week (!), wasn't rich enough, so it granted her deals with not one, not two, but three retail companies that will be selling panty-hose, garters, undies, and ... hoodies.

Sooo ... Fifty Shades of Grey underwear, huh? Wonder how much it'll cost, because I've gotta be honest, the lingerie section at Target is aces in my book.


Like I said, it's definitely an organic sector of the franchise if there ever was one, but do we really need Fifty Shades-brand babydolls and slips? If you're trying to look sexy and fetish-y in the boudoir, I'm sure any old black lacy thing will do. Throw on a dog collar or something and boom, DIY-S&M magic. Who cares where it came from?

When it comes to lingerie, I'm of the mind that it's one extreme or another. It's nice and sort of grown-up to purchase some super swank, balls-to-the-wall diva unmentionables -- like La Perla or Cosabella -- for your honeymoon, or I don't know, as an investment piece. But as for the rest? Why not just go cheap? Why not just grab a cart-full of bras and underwear and whatever else you can get your hands on at Target or Wal-Mart or wherever and pay, like, $50 all in?

I have no idea how much the Fifty Shades lingerie is going to cost, so really, I'm just spit-balling here. But I'm just saying, if the stuff is pricey, I do know of a place where thongs are usually two-for-one. You're welcome.

Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie: You in or are you out?

Image via Elmo H LoveFlickr

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