Real Life '50 Shades' Relationship Goes Strangely Awry

When it comes to relationships, all women really need is complete domination, some daily whippings, and to be her alpha master's live-in sex slave, amiright gals? This, at least, is the type of relationship millions of women have swooned over while perusing Fifty Shades of Grey and longing for their own master in the form of that steely love bug Christian Grey.

Well, one lucky lady in New York seems to have been living this dream scenario. But the fairytale life of daily floggings and complete subjugation was suddenly shattered when sex slave Frankie Santiago, known in the S&M world as as Anasta-- I mean, Althea Lynn -- found out her master was steppin' out on her! Whaaa --?? Seriously, if you can't trust a guy who takes pictures of himself in leather dom outfits surrounded by a flock of buxom beauties and posts them on the Internet, who can you trust??


Reportedly, after Althea discovered that her master, investment banker Edward Sonderling (known as "King Eddo" in Red Room circles), had another slave on the side, she burst the bonds of subjugation and allegedly began stalking and threatening Edward, impersonating him online, threatening to kill herself, smashing his car windshield, and generally acting very un-sub like.

Althea apparently forgot she was in a real life Fifty Shades and began to enact scenes from Fatal Attraction. Ack, what's a master to do? So hard to find a good sub these days.

I can't imagine how it got to this point between these lovebirds, because it all seemed so charmed. Said a friend of the couple: "Basically, she was there to serve his sexual needs. She’s his toy, his fetish slave." Aw, sweetness.

I sincerely hope Althea and King can work it out! Maybe they can take a Fifty Shades therapy class together or something. Never give up on your man, Althea! He only needs true lurv and understanding. Maybe, like Christian, he just had a bad childhood. Wah wah.

What do you think of Althea and King Eddo? Do they make you swoon?


Image via Alaskan Dude/Flickr

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