New '50 Shades of Grey' Parody Pokes Fun at Christian, Ana & Snooki, Too! (VIDEO)

fifty shames of earl greyFrom Selena Gomez's Funny or Die skit to Jimmy Fallon's karaoke slow-jams, Fifty Shades of Grey has already gotten the parody treatment ten times over. It really was only a matter of time until a truly hilarious parody in complete book form emerged. And "Fanny Merkin," aka comedic writer Andrew Shaffer's, Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, which has just arrived in bookstores, seems to fit the bill perfectly.

The book follows the love story between Bill Gates' adoptive son, Earl Grey, and an "unsuspecting virgin" named Anna Steal. While Christian Grey is into classical music, fine wine, rich boy toys like his helicopter Charlie Tango and his boat, and sadomasochistic sex, Earl Grey loves ... Nickelback, Tom Cruise, Olive Garden, and BDSM, which in his world stands for "Bards, Dragons, Sorcery, and Magick." What the ... ?! Ha!

Oh, but it gets even better ...


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shaffer "captures the rhythms of the original but exaggerates E.L. James' literary ticks to great effect." Obviously that's key to poking fun at the books! And for all you Twi-hards, he also sprinkles some Twilight references that tease the series' fanfiction roots, i.e. "He's completely naked, and his skin seems to sparkle in the sunlight." Tooooo funny!

Schaffer also apparently gets in a few digs at other silly but insanely popular pop culture phenomenons. So, unlike Anastasia Steele who is obsessed with classic literature, Anna Steal's most loved entertainment is Snooki and Jersey Shore. Obviously!!

Honestly, I haven't ever been a real sucker for parodies. Weird Al is awesome, but I can only take so much of one trick pony gags (two, if you count the videos) like "Eat It" and "Perform This Way."  But Shaffer's book sounds like it covers all the bases of what's funny about Fifty Shades and then some. Even if you're in total lust with the series, you gotta be able to giggle at it! And if Shaffer's book is nearly as good as it sounds, it could be the perfect chance for Fifty fans to do that.

In the meantime, here's a hilarious short film/trailer for the book ... Warning: The last part is sort of NSFW.

Would you check out Fifty Shames of Earl Grey?

Image via EvilWylie/YouTube

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