Kristen Stewart Should Come Out of Hiding & Embrace Her Flawed Self

kristen stewartIs Kristen Stewart becoming the next Howard Hughes-like celebrity recluse? Radar says she won't be on the red carpet August 16 when On the Road premieres in London. A source (oft-quoted, marginally-trusted) says, "Kristen won't be doing the red carpet for On the Road -- she's too ashamed to show her face in public right now." Seriously? Over some uncomfortable-looking pelvis grinding and kissing that she didn't even appear to enjoy? Worse, her co-star Tom Sturridge is supposedly BFFs with Robert Pattinson, so that's awk.

But that's not all in today's KStew Recluse News: Now she's rumored to have backed out of her next film, Cali. A film directed by Nick Cassavetes -- that she's a co-producer for -- really? Have you seen the big fat public brawl she got into with Cassavetes? GIRL. I kind of want to shake KStew by the shoulders right now.


Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THOSE PICTURES? She screams at him and then they go for a walk? And what the fuck is this about? She's pulled her t-shirt up and her jeans down like she's telling Nick, "No, I don't have balls. I have ovaries. But I seem to have lost them. Can you help me find them again?"

Well I wish Kristen would find her lady-balls/ovaries. Remember when Angelina Jolie "stole" Brad from Jennifer Aniston? And she was hated the world over for being a home-wrecker to America's Sweetheart? Honey Badger didn't give a shit. She kept on smiling and patting Brad's arm. Like, yeah, he's my man now. Suck it, haters.

Obviously Kristen has not made off with Rupert like he's her prize. But Kristen should just claim her bad-girl status and wear it with pride. Don't hide from the Scarlet A! Shed the mopey awkward persona (that's gotten so old) and just be a dangerous girl who takes what she wants. Let's see you get as apologetically bad-ass as you get in Breaking Dawn 2 and in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Do you think Kristen should stay in hiding for a while or should she come out guns a-blazing?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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