Rupert Sanders' Wife Shows More Courage Than Robert Pattinson

rpatzHope springs eternal for our favorite philanderer, Rupert Sanders! The one-time Kristen Stewart trifle du jour (or so we've been told) was spotted yesterday meeting his wife, Liberty Ross, for the first time since the scandal broke. Is reconciliation in the air? The Daily News reports that there are not one but TWO marriage counselors in the building where the estranged couple met.

Not so fast -- Liberty is still not wearing her wedding ring (though Rupert sure is). And she was later seen smiling with a handsome new man -- Mr. Rebound, perhaps? Still, at least they're willing to talk with each other. That's a far cry from estranged couple number two, KStew and RPattz. What a difference a few years and two children can make.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still not in contact with each other. After days of secluded wound-licking, Robert's pals dragged him out for some country-western fun at an Ojai bar. Kristen, meanwhile, has reportedly yet to take a shower, so depressed is she that RPattz refuses to reconcile. I guess you can just do that if you're young, not married, and don't have any kids. I'm sure they have some assets and a dog to divvy up, but it really can be OVER just like that.

It's not so simple for Liberty and Rupert, though. The married-with-kids set do things differently than the young-and-in-love set. Whether they decide to stick together or split, they will still have to stay in touch -- for the next several years -- to talk about the kids. Liberty doesn't get to just check into Reese Witherspoon's sob-nest and sulk like some vampires do. She has to be a grown-ass woman and confront her husband about all their issues.

I hope Liberty and Rupert can work things out eventually. I think this whole Kristen Stewart debacle completely blew Ru's mind and he'll never want to peek at another woman ever again in his life. But that's up to Rupert and Liberty. I think the important thing is that it seems they're willing to roll up their sleeves and do the difficult work on their relationship that needs to be done -- even if that work is about bringing their marriage to an end.

Do you think Kristen and Robert will ever talk about their relationship ever again?


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