Rupert Sanders Calls Kristen Stewart His 'Worst Mistake' (VIDEO)

rupert sandersWord has it these days Rupert Sanders is telling all of the friends he has left that messing around with Kristen Stewart was "the worst mistake of my life." Oh, it never feels like a mistake when you're in the middle of making that mistake, though. Does anyone ever think to themselves, before canoodling on a Los Angeles overpass in full view of potential photogs, "I wonder if this will turn out to be the worst mistake of my life?"

A source tells Radar that Rupert "cannot believe he was so stupid. The thought of losing his wife and children, who he loves more than anything in the world, is killing him ... Rupert is just hoping it will blow over soon and he can win her back, but that is looking ever increasingly unlikely." And isn't it always that way? "How could I be so stupid" is always followed by "hope it blows over soon." Like, "whoops, temporary insanity! Not my fault! Can't we just sweep it all under the rug and move on?" And the answer is usually NO, we cannot.


If Rupert could turn back time, I wonder what exactly he would change. Where exactly did the mistake happen? In Kristen's car? During that dinner with Kristen? All those times during the filming when he put his hand on the small of her back?

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Ugh, it's just so lame. I feel like when cheaters take this line (big mistake/wish it could just blow over), they're trying to avoid responsibility for their choices. With one hand they're pretending to accept responsibility so you'll just shut up already, but with the other hand, they're trying to minimize it. Should it blow over? Was it really just a little indiscretion, or was it a drawn-out affair? Maybe it was something in between.

Regardless, supposedly Rupert hasn't seen his wife, Liberty Ross, since the news broke out. She's been photographed without her wedding ring -- not that it means anything, unless you're at the center of a constantly-photographed celeb scandal, and then it means everything. So fat chance, Rupert. Take your medicine.

Do you think Rupert Sanders will ever reconcile with his wife or has there been too much damage done?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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