'50 Shades of Grey' Movie: Screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis is Off the List

Bret Easton EllisHey, remember when author Bret Easton Ellis got all excited about the possibility of writing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation and then he started throwing out director names (Cronenberg!) and casting ideas (Skarsgard!) and we were all, holy cow, this movie might not be a pile of inner goddess feces after all?

Well, bad news, friends. After spending weeks posting excitedly on Twitter about how he would adapt the book (and presumably soaking up the kind of attention he hasn't enjoyed since American Psycho), Ellis has announced that he's no longer in the running.

So that's a bummer for those of us who were sort of hoping for an edgier, amoral version of Fifty Shades, but it also begs the question: has another screenwriter been finalized? Is the project officially underway?


Ellis became his own Fifty Shades spin doctor back in June, when he started posting tweets like "Completely committed to adapting Fifty Shades of Grey. This is not a joke. Christian Grey and Ana: potentially great cinematic characters," and "Hope E.L. James doesn't think I'm being a prankster. I really want to adapt her novels for the screen. Christian Grey is a writer's dream... "

When fans reacted with enthusiasm, he continued stoking the fire -- sharing his ideas for the movie's eventual soundtrack trailer ("Coming Down" by Dum Dum Girls), musing on whether or not the email exchanges from the book should be included in the film, and repeatedly asking fans for casting feedback:

In between these tweets, he also went off on a mini-rant about how Stanley Kubrick was gay, described Breaking Bad as the most overrated show on television, and pimped his upcoming movie, The Canyons. He also suggested The Canyons' male lead, former porn star James Deen, about a million times for Fifty Shades.

Hmmmmmmmm. *strokes chin suspiciously*

Anyway, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he tweeted the following:

He also posted, and has since deleted, a tweet to EL James that said, "@E_L_James I hope you find someone as passionate as I was about 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' I will miss it. Moving on. Laters, baby..."

Interesting. Personally, I kind of wonder if Ellis was ever being considered in the first place, or if this was all just a convenient way to pull in a lot of attention in order to promote his other project. But maybe he really was on a list of potential writers, and it's since been narrowed to … well, who knows, but if there's a production team AND a writer in place, things may start moving quickly.

Too bad for Ellis, but I'm sure it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Are you disappointed to hear Bret Easton Ellis won't be writing the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey?

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