'50 Shades Freed' Cheat Sheet: All the Dirty Details You Need to Know About the Series' Climax

Fun fact of summer 2012: Believe it or not, E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has outsold J.K. Rowling's seven-book Harry Potter series on Amazon U.K., according to a report on The Verge. Even though comparing the two is just plain wrong, it's proof that Fifty has become a powerful force to be reckoned with. And if you haven't read it, you'll inevitably find yourself a bit confused by the frequent chitter-chatter about the books.


But thanks to The Stir's exclusive cheat sheets for Fifty Shades of Grey (book 1) and Fifty Shades Darker (book 2), and now, this cheat sheet for the trilogy's conclusion, Fifty Shades Freed, you can totally fake your way through a heated, in-depth convo about the whole series! Check it out ...

Bare-bones plotline:

Anastasia and Christian get married and go on a luxurious European honeymoon, where he showers her in pricey presents, gets angry when she rebels against his control freaky ways, and they have lots of hot make-up sex. When they begrudgingly return to Seattle and their jobs, Christian makes sure Ana is promoted to editor of Seattle Independent Publishing and tells her that soon she'll be the president (since he bought the company and all). He's also bought her a mansion they begin to remodel. Obviously.

But all is not perfect in Mr. & Mrs. Fifty's world, because Psycho Jack Hyde is seeking revenge, and just when they thought things couldn't get any crazier, Ana finds out she's preggers. Wuhoh. Christian flips out, and while the two are estranged, Ana ends up getting blackmailed by Jack to come up with 5 million bucks ... or else Mia (Christian's sis, remember?) gets it! In turn, Ana must lie to Christian about wanting to leave him and raise their baby on her own. Draaaama! Thankfully, they reunite, do away with Hyde, and go on to have even more perfect babies (and perfect sex!) together.

5 Most Talked About Scenes:

  1. Christian shaves Ana ... "down there!" Gasp! This is because, apparently, she attempted to do it for the first time on her own and screwed up royally. Plus, it makes for hot foreplay.
  2. The car chase - Of course it's when Christian gives Ana free reign to drive his R8 that they end up having to drive like hell to get away from someone who is threatening their lives. They pull into a parking lot and end up having hot, adrenaline-packed sex.
  3. The pregnancy - Ana neglects to get her Depo shot Christian was always hounding her about and finds out she's pregnant with their child she refers to as "Blip."
  4. The breakup - While being blackmailed by Jack, Ana has to lie to Christian and say she's leaving him. Most. Gut-churning. Scene. Yet!
  5. The epilogue - E.L. catches us up with the Greys in May 2014, as they're expecting baby #2. Aww, look, they're living happily ever after!

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