You Guys Are Making Kristen Stewart Cry

kristen stewartYou know, life right now for Kristen Stewart is one long, looping "How Do I Live Without You" cryfest. Radar reports that ever since Robert Pattinson gave her the boot she's been staying with producer friend Giovanni Agnelli and his piercing blue eyes. Supposedly she spends her days and nights there bawling her eyes out, okay? She's really, really sad about all of this!

Does that name sound familiar? That's the same Giovanni Agnelli who claimed last week that there was NO SEX between Kristen and Rupert Sanders.

A source tells Radar, "Kristen is acting like a heartbroken teenager. She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone. She is beyond mortified and humiliated and she is also broken hearted." Broken-hearted -- that's all about RPatz. But mortified and humiliated -- that's because ya'll are so mean to her! Geeeez!


Can't you just see it -- KStew, moping around some palacial pad in the Hills (just a guess), eating ice cream in the same t-shirt she's been wearing for a week, listening to Joni Mitchell with a balled-up tissue in one hand and a hookah in the other? Oh wait, crap. That was mean again. I am part of the problem!

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Anyway, RPatz is none too pleased with this living arrangement, also according to Radar. Supposedly he phoned up Giovanni in the wee hours of the morning to yell at him and accuse him of sleeping with Kristen, or plotting to sleep with Kristen, or something! Because why else would you put up with that woman, HUH?!?

But that's Robert. If anyone deserves to be irrationally furious with Kristen it's him. But the rest of us need to stop trashing the poor woman. Stop calling her a trampire already because she's just a 22-year-old kid (although good one, Will Ferrell, heh heh). I hereby pledge, I will STOP being part of the Kristen Stewart Misery Industrial Complex. Team KStew, all the way. 

Has the backlash against Kristen Stewart gone too far?


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