Rupert Sanders Kissing On K-Stew Means He Can Kiss 'Snow White 2' Goodbye

Rupert SandersGreat news, those of you who couldn't get enough of the, ah, cinematic chemistry between Kristen Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director: thanks to the film's $382 million gross on a $170 million-plus budget, Snow White is reportedly greenlit for a sequel -- and according to The Hollywood Reporter, director Rupert Sanders is still on board to extend the franchise.

Man, Stewart and Sanders, together again, making more sweet action-adventure fairy tale love ... won't that be awesome? Although something tells me Sanders' wife won't be quite so eager to play Stewart's mom in this version.

Of course the Sanders/Stewart sequel is never going to actually happen, because I guarantee Universal is going to dump his scandalous ass the instant it's at least marginally appropriate to do so.


The studio reportedly began discussing the possibility of a second Snow White movie with Sanders back in June, and Sanders brought in blockbuster screenwriter David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible, Spider-Man) to pen the sequel. Then came the scandal that rocked the tabloids, which certainly seemed to jeopardize the possibility of another Sanders/Stewart dream team production.

At this point, Universal hasn't announced any changes to the sequel, but it's worth noting that while Stewart's contract "includes sequel language," Sanders' does not. It'll be pretty easy for the studio to keep quiet about things for a while, then casually announce a new director -- either with no explanation, or under the catch-all excuse of Sanders' "scheduling conflicts."

Or maybe it will be Sanders' decision to bow out. God knows working with Stewart again would be a nightmare for his marriage, and the never-ending scrutiny would make it impossible to have a normal working relationship with her. Plus, can you imagine the eventual promotional tour? The questions, the photos, the GIF files?

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(People think she's telling him "Stop" here -- as in, "Stop trying to touch my vagina in public"? What do you think?)

On the plus side, with mostly lackluster reviews ("[Director] Sanders squanders the opportunity to deliver a definitive Snow White for the 21st century in contemporary cinematic terms," "It doesn't help that Snow White is Kristen Stewart, an actress who seems to have just the one expression at her command and it is one of pained peevishness. Even when she's smiling, she's peeved") for the first film, maybe a fresh creative eye for Snow White 2 will be a good thing. At the very least, it's good for those of us who are kind of hoping Kristen's Big Cheating Scandal fades from the public eye sooner rather than later.

What's your call -- will Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart team up again on a second Snow White movie?

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