'50 Shades of Grey’ Bondage Gear Could Save the Economy (& Your Sex Life)

sex shopEveryone get out your pen and that monogrammed stationary your grandma sent you for your birthday 10 years ago and start writing author E.L. James a thank-you note, stat. Not only have her Fifty Shades of Grey books been helping people discover their kinky side and have better, hotter sex, they're also doing wonders for the economy. Beyond the fact that over 31 million copies of her book have been sold worldwide, the economic benefit of the Anastasia, Christian Grey relationship can be palpably felt here in North America -- fetish items are selling faster than you can say "I want you sore, baby."

From BDSM kits to hotel packages to all kinds of leather goodies, people are handing over their hard-earned cash for a little slice of 50SoG, giving the economy one sexy boost.


In a kinky store in Canada, the average person who comes in looking for a little piece of Fifty Shades spends between $200 to $400 during their first visit. That's a lot of dough, no? Nice handcuffs, whips, and other bondage material don't come cheap. At least, not the good kind.

Erotic shops aren't the only retailers benefiting from the sexy novel -- the sale of rope at an NYC hardware store increased ten fold after the book came out, and lingerie stores have reported an increase in sales, as well. Then there's all the Fifty Shades licensed material that's flying off the shelves, like t-shirts, makeup, and 50SoG hotel packages that range in price from $40 to $2,700.

Thanks to E.L. James, millions of dollars are being pumped into the economy all in the name of better sex. She's created a monster that's advantageous to both the country's bottom line and your naughty ass.

Have you purchased anything as a result of Fifty Shades of Grey?


Photo via stagshop/Flickr

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