'DWTS' William Levy Says Christian Grey Has More to Offer Than a Movie Role (VIDEO)

William Levy & Cheryl BurkeA couple of months ago, I talked about how I thought Dancing With the Stars hottie William Levy would be perfect as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. And you know what? It turns out the idea really isn't all that far-fetched -- because he seems kind of into taking on the Christian role as well.

He recently talked to Mario Lopez about his thoughts on being cast in what has to be one of the most highly coveted roles in Hollywood -- and his interests are definitely piqued.


Take a look at the video clip of his interview to hear what he had to say when "someone" told him he would make a perfect Christian Grey.

Ok, call me delusional, but at first I thought there was a possibility that he was talking about me and the post I'd written on how great he would be as Christian. You know, because I'm sure William Levy sits down in front of the computer in his spare time to read The Stir. (One can dream.)

But whoever this chick is who told him he should try out for the part is definitely a smart gal, because I think most women would love nothing more than to see William bring all of their Fifty Shades fantasies to life on-screen. (Ok, so we'd rather have him fulfill our erotic dreams in real life, but I guess we'll take what we can get.)

Please, please tell me I'm not the only one who is a little hot and bothered at the thought of being William Levy's love slave -- because I'm actually blushing just thinking about it. And when he said in that video that he thinks all men should be like Christian Grey? I didn't know whether to faint or take a cold shower.

Do you think William is a good choice to play Christian?


Image via ABC

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