These Fake '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Trailers Are So Bad They're Good (VIDEOS)

alexis bledel in fake fifty shades of grey trailerEven though E.L. James has said that she and Universal Studios are still "far away" from casting the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, some of us just can't sit tight and wait for the real deal to make its way to theaters. In fact, some Fifty fans have decided to take matters into their own hands ... going so far as to cast and create faux trailers for the flick. No kidding!

Tons of these fake Fifty trailers have been popping up on YouTube, "featuring" everyone from Alexis Bledel as Ana to everyone's ultimate Christian, Ryan Gosling. Crazy, but oh so compelling! Even if you wanted to, you won't be able to tear your eyes away from these clips. Here, five fan-made trailers so bad they're actually kinda good ...


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First off, we've got Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey all by his lonesome in a "teaser trailer," complete with review excerpts from Rolling Stone ... Maybe this is supposed to give us an idea of Christian's days before he meets Anastasia? But any clip that's all Gosling and nothing but Gosling works for me!


Turns out there's quite the underground campaign for Rory Gilmore Alexis Bledel as Anastasia. She's not quite young enough, but she could play younger, so I could see it. In this cringe-worthy trailer, she's "cast" opposite Matt Bomer as Christian Grey ...


More Matt Bomer as Christian plus a sexy faceless chick getting handcuffed? Okay, sure!


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Oh, the one so many fans have been waiting for! Nina Dobrev's Ana paired with Ian Somerhalder's Christian FTW?


Wait, wait. Or what about Ian Somerhalder as Christian ... and Lucy Hale as Ana?! Tough call!


Which fake trailer do you like best, or are you now inspired to make your own with your faves cast in the leading roles?


Image via Alex White/YouTube

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