'Breaking Dawn 2' First 7 Minutes: All the Sneak Peek Details From Comic-Con

Breaking Dawn 2Ever since I read about the death of Gisela Gagliardi, the fan who had camped for two days to attend the Twilight panel at Comic-Con, I've become a little uncomfortable with the term die-hard fan. So let's just call them devoted fans, those dedicated individuals who arrived days ahead of time for a chance to see their favorite actors in the flesh.

After taking a moment to pay tribute to Gagliardi during Thursday's Twilight panel, about 6,000 of these fans got a hell of a treat. Not only did they clap eyes on Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and several fellow cast members, but series author Stephenie Meyer also took the stage. Director Bill Condon even appeared via video from London.

Even better, the audience got a surprise look at the first 7 minutes of the final film of the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Want to know what they saw in that sneak preview? OF COURSE YOU DO. (Or maybe you want to avoid any and all spoilers. If so, read no further!)


The opening moments of the clip showed Bella adjusting to her new life after the transformation that took place at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1. As Stewart said from the stage after the footage was shown,

It felt so good to break her in, to see how fast the car goes. Twilight vampires are very unique. They’re not like all vampires ... Everyone’s powers are informed by how they were when they were human. I love her. I think she’s the coolest one, so I had fun doing it.

The movie begins with Bella waking up as a red-eyed, extremely hungry vampire. Edward's delighted by her awesome new look, and purrs, “We’re the same temperature now.” (Let us rub our icy genitalia together!) She wants to see her daughter, but Edward knows that Bella must feed first so she doesn't accidentally bite into a Renesmee-wich.

So Edward takes Bella into the woods to hunt, where Bella tests out her new super-fast vamp speed. She heads for a deer, but gets distracted by a mountain climber who's bleeding from a scrape. Mmmmm, DELICIOUS RED ELIXIR. But before Bella can chow down, Edward reminds her that bad girl, humans aren’t food, and she dramatically takes down a cougar instead. A Twilight character consumes a cougar, you say? Mmmmm, DELICIOUS TWILIGHT MOM METAPHOR.

Bella and Edward are heading back home to say howdy to Renesmee when they run into Jacob, who probably instantly tears his shirt off. Jacob's feeling a little protective, having imprinted on Bella's offspring, but he takes the time to observe how Bella still looks like Bella, except for the red contacts and all. Then he makes Bella smell him to make sure she's not still hungry, and Bella's like whatevs dude sooooo full of cougar right now, and she heads into meet her daughter for the first time.

Aaaand fade to black, followed by thunderous applause.

Well, I have to admit that I didn't enjoy Breaking Dawn 1, but I'm kind of interested to see the last movie. It might actually be pretty fun to see Bella running around as a badass vampire instead of whimpering over Edward or languishing half-dead during pregnancy. Plus, if she's biting other animals, she can't bite her own lip, so yay for that.

What do you think about these first Breaking Dawn 2 moments? Are you excited to see them in the theater?

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