Lady Gaga’s Bondage Dress Is Even Too Racy for '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga  Just when we thought her fashion choices couldn't possibly get any more inappropriate or bizarre, Lady Gaga showed up at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills wearing what can only be described as a "bondage" dress. Yes, bondage -- as in Fifty Shades of Grey style kinky bondage.

Of course, this get up looks like it's a bit more fit for the dominant side of things, but we can't help but wonder if Lady Gaga had Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey in mind when she picked out this particular number. (That is, if she was actually using her brain at all.)


Can you even imagine what the other patrons having dinner at Mr. Chow must've thought when Gaga walked in looking like she was ready for a full-blown S&M session versus enjoying a good meal? (Perhaps her meat dress would've better suited the occasion.)

Then again, maybe this sort of thing isn't such a big deal out in La-La-land. I guess people are pretty used to celebrities wearing anything they damn well please regardless of how ridiculous they look.

And if this "dress" wasn't crazy enough, then the lack of clothing Lady Gaga showed up at LAX wearing a few days ago definitely makes me wonder what the heck possesses her when she wakes up in the morning and gets dressed. She literally let it all hang out while making her way through the airport -- and I'm sure the last thing frequent fliers expected to see that day was Lady Gaga's butt.

Lady Gaga LAX

Seriously -- didn't anyone tell her that it's extremely uncomfortable to wear pantyhose on a plane?

Check out more of Lady Gaga's wacky dinner attire in this video clip.

Was this a shocking outfit -- even for Lady Gaga?


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