Robert Pattinson Covets a Role Way Sexier Than Christian Grey

Robert PattinsonNow that more and more people are starting to agree that he just isn't the right fit for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Robert Pattinson has decided to set his sights on a much larger role -- James Bond. Yes, you heard me right. Sparkles wants to be 007.

As much as I like the guy, when I first tried to picture him as James Bond, I kind of rolled my eyes and laughed a little bit -- because he's just so un-James-Bond-like. He's quiet, not aggressive or commanding at all -- and then there's his age. Robert is only 26, and all of the actors who have played James Bond in the past were much older than that when they took on the role.


But as much as he's up for the challenge, even Rob understands that he's too much of a spring chicken to play Bond right this second, which is why he says he'd like to try his hand at being 007 about 20 years from now.

Of being James Bond at this point in his life, he said, "There’d be nothing worse than, like, 'Let’s get a fresh-faced Bond!' That would be the worst idea in the world. It would be ridiculous to reinvent it as some young posh kid."

Wow. Those statements prove he's a much smarter dude than a lot of people give him credit for. Can you even imagine if he tried the whole James Bond thing right now? The film would be a huge mess if he tried to go directly from the Twilight saga into being a world renowned spy.

I mean, it would be kind of hard to watch him do stunts & try and outrun the bad guys all while wondering why he can't just kick his vampire strength into high gear and run up a tree to get away from them or something.

Yeah -- waiting a good 20 years or so to play Bond sounds like the best plan for Rob. Maybe by then people will have forgotten all about Edward Cullen and will be able to embrace him as 007.

Can you see Robert Pattinson as James Bond?


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