'50 Shades of Grey' Movie May Be Killed by 'Twilight'

bella edward twilightAs you're likely well-aware by now, Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James is a HUGE Twi-Hard. It was after she read Stephenie MeyersTwilight series that she was inspired to write her own fan fiction -- originally called Master of the Universe -- based on the Twilight characters and originally given the same names. Once the story morphed into Fifty, she changed the title, names, and some other details, too. For that reason, there's been recent speculation that there could be copyright issues once the first novel makes it way to the big screen.

Agh! Say it isn't so! Could one of the most anticipated flicks of this decade really be in danger due to a sticky legal question?


Long story short -- those of us who are greatly anticipating the softcore porn sexy adaptation can breathe a sigh of relief, because legal experts say there shouldn't be a problem. If there was going to be, it would have happened already with the books!

I'm just not seeing how anyone could think James' story -- in novel and/or film form -- could be seen as too similar to Twilight for it to stand on its own. Also, does no one recall that there have been many books written and films made that are based on or inspired by another original work? Like how Clueless is Amy Heckerling's take on Jane Austen's Emma? And Bridget Jones' Diary is Pride & Prejudice? When you think in terms of such "re-imagined" stories, Fifty Shades of Grey is even more different from Twilight than you might think. 

In many ways, it's like 180 degrees from Meyer's abstinence-lovin' books, as it's basically an antidote for sex-starved fans of Twilight! Heck, sex-starved people period! James' amateur-ish writing may be a pain in the butt to get through at times, but with the BDSM-flavored concept, she hit the nail on the head. There hasn't been anything in the zeitgeist this steamy for a long time. We were due for it. So fingers crossed it makes its way to the silver screen with nary a legal squeak.

Do you think Fifty Shades of Grey is too similar to Twilight?

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