Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Reportedly Dating: Who Is This Lucky Lady?

amber heardAmber Heard, the woman-child supposedly at the center of Johnny Depp's mid-life crisis. Who is this chick? Does anyone know anything about her? What's she got that gossips say peeled Johnny away from his love of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis? Not that I'm jealous or anything! Just ... you know. Who the hell is she?

Well let's get the icky part over first: The age difference. He's 49 and she's 26. Also, she's blonde. And! She was his co-star in The Rum Diaries. Didn't do well in the box office so apparently she was his consolation prize. (Aw man! I was trying so hard not to be catty.) He was reportedly in a rough patch with Vanessa, looked a few feet over, and must have thought, "Oh hey, there's another lady! I'll take her." (Crap, there I go again!)

Okay, fine. If you want some real scoop about Amber Heard, keep reading.


Other movies Amber has been in: Seth Rogen's high school-aged girlfriend in Pineapple Express, Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage. Her breakthrough role was in North Country (2005).

She grew up in Austin, Texas.

She dropped out of high school at 17 to pursue modeling in New York City. Then she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.

Johnny bought her a horse, according to Wet Paint. Yup, her girlish "can I have a pony?" dreams have come true.

Amber is bi-sexual! She reportedly broke up with girlfriend Tasya van Ree recently. Hmm, spicy of you, Johnny.

Johnny treats Amber well, according to a source speaking to US Weekly. Also, even though they met on the set of Rum Diaries in 2009, they supposedly didn't start dating until the press tour in 2011, when Depp and Paradis were becoming estranged. Allegedly, allegedly.

Well all righty then, that's Amber. So ... Rum Diaries is on Netflix Instant in case anyone wants to see if they detect any sparks between the co-stars.

What do you think of Johnny Depp supposedly dating a much-younger woman?


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