Channing Tatum's 'Magic Mike' Stripper Flash Mob Is a Total Tease (VIDEO)

Channing TatumBy now you've probably heard about Magic Mike, the male stripper flick starring Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matthew McConaughey, and other assorted meaty manwich-morsels. This doesn't exactly seem to be a movie suffering from having a low profile, but even though group pre-sales for Magic Mike are soaring (perhaps thanks in part to Warner Bros' somewhat demeaning suggestion for ladies to "tell your boyfriend you're going to book club"), the studio promotional machine has kicked into high gear.

With opening weekend just around the corner, Channing Tatum appeared on the Today show this morning in order to dutifully plug his movie. He started out with a regular interview with Ann Curry and Al Roker, but then things quickly got bizarre as Joe Manganiello showed up, and then a FLASH MOB broke out.

A Magic-Mike-themed flash mob starring Channing Tatum sounds pretty great, right? I think you'll agree, however, that things didn't go nearly far enough.


Tatum began his appearance with an interview, in which he dished about his real-life stripper past and how his wife feels about it:

She married a stripper -- kind of. She knew what she was getting into, and it was kind of a prerequisite that I would always, you know, give her dances if she wanted one.

I have to say, Tatum doesn't really do it for me, but I guess if I were lying around reading a book or something and he popped up out of nowhere and started grinding, I wouldn't, like, tell him to stop or anything.

You know who DOES do it for me, is Joe Manganiello. Tatum was in mid-interview when Manganiello showed up and started … I don't even know what he was doing to Ann Curry. Undulating on her? Body rolling? Whatever it was, it was sort of hot until Roker got involved and then I don't even think Curry's reported $10 million dollar payout was enough to wipe her memory of that moment.


After that, there was a flash mob, and Tatum showed off some of his Magic Moves, but … well, take a look at the video:

I MEAN COME ON HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SKIN, TATUM. Sure, he rips open his shirt at the end -- but he's practically got a pair of Magic-Mike-branded Mormon undergarments happening there. Yeah yeah yeah FCC indecency fines blah blah WHATEVER, I want full frontal nudity on the Today show and I want it now.

Okay, not really, but maybe a pec or two? Is that really too much to ask, Magic Mike marketers? Frankly, I think it's the least you could do for Ann Curry, who had to endure a Roker-roll.

Are you planning on seeing the rated-R version of Magic Mike this weekend?

Images via Today, Guyism

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