This 'Snow White & the Huntsman' Scene 'Scared the Crap' Out of Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

kristen stewartKristen Stewart may play a bad-ass action hero in Snow White and the Huntsman, but exactly how bad-ass is she in real life? Well -- she's starting to do some of her own stunts now. And it's kind of freaking her out!

KStew revealed which stunt scared her the most in Snow White, and it had nothing to do with hanging upside-down by her ankles with Chris Hemsworth. In fact, the stunt sounds kind of fun, actually. It's exactly what I would have liked to be doing during that heat wave we just suffered through. I hope she learned to enjoy this one a little more.



YES, jumping off a cliff into the ocean below looks terrifying. But also mad fun! Well, I mean, it looks fun if it's summer time and you're in a warm climate and wearing a swimsuit. It doesn't look super warm where Kristen is in that clip. But I can relate to that stomach-lurching feeling just before you have to jump. Hell, I do the same thing before jumping into a swimming pool. From the side. Into the shallow end. I can't even remember the last time I found myself on an actual diving board.

But plunk me on the edge of a waterfall in Bali and I'm positive I'd go running fearlessly off the edge. Okay, I'm like 50% positive.

Anyway, it's so cool to see Kristen did this one herself, because just a few short years ago it was a stunt double who did the jumping-off-a-cliff scene for her in New Moon -- and that was into a green-screen mattress. Ooh, I'm feeling dizzy now.

Could you jump off a cliff into water like Kristen does in Snow White?


Image via Universal Pictures

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