Lindsay Lohan Tweets Jokes About Her Exhaustion Scare While Everyone Else Panics

lindsay lohanDid Liz & Dick producers get a little too worked-up over Lindsay Lohan's paramedics scare yesterday? This morning she was already joking about the incident via Twitter.

Note to self.. After working 84hours in 4days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion & 7 paramedics MIGHT show up at your door... Hopefully they're cute. Otherwise it would be a real let down. XL @mrsalperez-back on set.

Heh heh! Yeah... hope those paramedics were cute. I'm starting to suspect that this whole incident was blown way out of proportion and that Lindsay is just a victim of her hot-mess reputation. Is everyone starting to get a little too jumpy around her? Will she ever get to take a nap in peace again without everyone worrying that she's overdosed? 


Lilo's rep, Steve Honig, told Entertainment Weekly that she just took a nap (A NAP, jeebus!) after working on the set of Liz and Dick from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. According to TMZ Lilo had told her team she was exhausted and they sent a doctor -- who asked someone at the hotel to check on her before he arrived. The hotel staff couldn't get a response from her. Can you picture the scene? The hotel manager knocks at her door, Lindsay doesn't respond because she's napping, hotel manager panics because it's LILO, assumes the worst, calls the paramedics. And the rest is tabloid history.

I'm not saying that's exactly how it played out. (How the hell would I know?) It's just that given Lindsay's wild reputation I'm sure it's nearly impossible to relax around her. I mean, she just had that open container/car crash incident. So even though she's clearly working hard and staying focused (go Lilo!) she's still giving people reason to freak over every possible sign that she's losing it.

I don't blame the hospital (or Dick & Jane's producers, whoever it was) for calling the paramedics. Better to overreact with La Lindsay than to assume everything is under control. I'm glad to hear she's fine and back to work -- and I'm also glad to hear the people around her are super-cautious.

Do you believe Lindsay was just exhausted or do you suspect this was a substance abuse incident?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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