'Breaking Dawn, Part 2' Is Awfully Silly, Now That Robert Pattinson Mentions It

breaking dawn 2All you Twilight fans, are you so excited to see Breaking Dawn 2? Renesme grows up and the vampire clans join the Cullens to protect the young vampire girl from... well, we don't want to give the whole story away. But I think we're in for dramatic conclusion.

That is, unless you ask Robert Pattinson. Apparently he thinks BD2 is all just shits and giggles. "It's really funny, the last one. I mean, funny and completely insane. There's Jacob falling in love with my daughter, who grows into an 11-year-old in three months! There were so many scenes where it felt so bizarre."

Oh well fine, Roberto, I guess we're all a little foolish for wanting to take the Twilight series seriously! Geez, way to be a spoiler.


We only have ONE Twilight movie left. I'm sure he's sick to death of all the vampire "insanity." He wants us to stop calling him RPatz. He wants to move on to his serious, "grown-up" movie career. I get it.

But can't he just shut up a little bit longer and not ruin the magic for the rest of us? Okay, so the Twilight plots are, you know, unrealistic. They involve magical creatures. Who fly. And suck blood. It's freakin' fantasy. It's supposed to be kind of insane! That's why we like it. Otherwise we'd watch a documentary on the mating habits of water buffalo, you know?

Now when we watch Breaking Dawn 2 are we all going to hear RPatz snickering in the backs of our minds? (Haw haw, she's already 11! Honk, dude, Jacob's all hot for my kid! That's, like, so bizarre...) Ugh, I'll have to chomp loudly on my popcorn to shut that noise out.

Would you rather not know what Robert Pattinson thinks about Breaking Dawn 2?


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