Sexy Ryan Gosling Is the Perfect Christian Grey for the '50 Shades' Movie

Ryan GoslingSTOP! THE! PRESSES! Could it be too good to be true that resident Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling might soon be stripping down into a pair of ripped blue jeans for the role of Christian Grey in the sexy Fifty Shades of Grey movie!?

Gosling as Grey? Uh, YEAH! There's just no way this can be bad news. Even though there's no real word on who will play Grey, I'm clicking my ruby red heels saying, Please let it be him, please let it be him! But not every libido is pumping at the prospect of Ryan Gosling playing the dark & twisty role of sexy, spank-tastic CEO Christian Grey. To all y'all nasty naysayers, I have just one question: what's not to love about this?


If you're hugging your chest nostalgic for the adorable, romantic, I-wrote-you-every-day-for-a-year days of Noah Calhoun, let me slap you back into reality: those sweet and innocent days are long gone, ladies!

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Remember how convincing he was in Murder by Numbers? Geez, he played that murderous role to a T!

And we can't talk about Ryan being fit for this role without mentioning his performance in Drive. Ya know, the sensational film where Ryan Gosling gets all sorts of dark and twisty on the big screen? There are no over-the-top professions of love found in this flick -- just your basic skull-cracking, speed-chasing, bazooka-blowing action and an unspoken promise to his lady love that he'll stop at nothing to protect her son.

It's his Drive performance that really leaves me wanting to see him cast in Fifty Shades. It's chilling how spot-on his emotionally-restrictive depiction was for the role and he nails it with his strong & silent appeal. Everything down to his demeanor screams mysterious. And that's exactly what directors need in casting Christian Grey.

Christian Grey is a total riddle that readers are dying to solve -- with some even making the case that Grey is fit for the same ring as American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, written by the brainy and dark Bret Easton Ellis. To make the match even more perfect, Ellis recently took to Twitter to voice just how much he'd love to adapt the Fifty Shades series to the big screen. Yup, clicking my ruby red heels again!

With Ellis' genius, casting Ryan for the role is a no-brainer! Aside from the obvious eye candy and those ice blue eyes, he's graduated from his cookie-cutter Notebook image. Now Ry-guy is a seasoned actor, with all the guts and gall to play a conflicted, isolated, and emotionally-weathered man.

So Ellis, if you're really on board, let's get serious about making this fantasy a reality! And if there's a way to possibly get Gosling into some ass-less chaps on the big screen, you got my vote!

Do you think Ryan Gosling should be cast for the dark role of Christian Grey?

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