10 Hot Sex Scenes to Tide You Over Until the '50 Shades of Grey' Movie (VIDEOS)

After the seemingly endless buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey, the dirty book, it seems the topic everyone's talking about these days is Fifty Shades of Grey, the dirty movie. Who will play Anastasia Steele? Who will play Christian Grey? Is there any way Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be in it OMFG Twilight-gasm!

I'm guessing Universal is scrambling to get the movie underway, since it makes sense to strike while the nation's collective loins iron's hot, but the reality is we're at least a year from clapping eyes on the film adaptation, right? Well, while we all wait to see if the cinema version of Fifty Shades lives up to our blushing, sweaty expectations, why not revisit some of the most memorable erotic scenes from movies you can go out and rent—like, TONIGHT?

Ready for the list? Fair warning, I've included steamy NSFW video where I could (sadly, YouTube's age restrictions wouldn't let me embed every clip), so put the kids to bed, turn up the AC, and enjoy:


Secretary. This movie fits in quite nicely with the kinkier sub-dom aspects of Fifty Shades, and if you haven't watched it before -- well, let's just say you'll never see James Spader's Office character in quite the same way. In the linked clip, Maggie Gyllenhaal is getting a spanking. Because she's been a very bad girl.

Brokeback Mountain. Hey, another Gyllenhaal, and this one's getting hot and heavy with Heath Ledger (RIP). Hottest cowboy-on-cowboy scene of all time? I vote yes.

A History of Violence. Come for Viggo Mortenson, stay for Viggo Mortenson doing extremely naughty things to Mario Bello on a stairwell while she's wearing a cheerleader outfit. (This linked clip is dubbed, but you should be able to get the gist of things.)

9 1/2 Weeks. Ah, the famous food scene. This will either get your motor running or sending you screaming for the 409 bottle, depending on your feelings about spills.

Bound. I don't normally find Jennifer Tilly to be attractive (that helium voice, gah), but combine her with red-hot toughie Gina Gershon and now you're talking. Bound is a noir-ish crime flick, but in this clip you can see some seriously smoking girl-on-girl action.

Monster's Ball. The climactic (har!) sex scene in Monster's Ball is almost too intense to watch -- it's graphic, desperate, raw, and kinda makes you understand what Angelina Jolie saw in Billy Bob Thorton. (Clip is low quality, sorry 'bout that.)

Wild Things. Ask any guy what his favorite movie sex scene is, and I bet you he mentions the pool action between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell.

Out of Sight. This is one of my personal favorites, and although the clip I'm including here is quite lovely (the masterful editing! The surprising proof that Jennifer Lopez really can act!), my actual recommendation is for the bathtub scene that happens earlier. Mmmmm, moistened Clooney.

Y Tu Mamá También. Two young boys + one older woman = a very hot (morally ambiguous?) threesome.  

Drive. Okay, so this final one's not an actual sex scene, but is there anything hotter than the way Ryan Gosling slowly and thoroughly kisses Carey Mulligan -- right before he shocks the living shit out of the viewing audience with a viciously explosive scene of mayhem and bloodshed? Oh yeahhhhhh. *languorously exhales fake cigarette*

What movies/scenes would you add to this list?

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