New 'Les Miserables' Teaser Trailer Has Anne Hathaway Singing Like a True Opera Star (VIDEO)

Every once in awhile an actor comes along and does something completely unexpected -- like sing. And sing well! Such as Eddie Murphy. Haha. Kidding. He sucked. I mean someone like Gwyneth Paltrow, or Michelle Pfeiffer, or Jamie Foxx. Then along comes someone who blows them out of the water. Anne Hathaway! I guess if you caught her on one of her Saturday Night Live hosting gigs, you already knew she had an operatic voice. But I didn't know, okay? Which is why I'm all, la dee da, here's the first trailer for the upcoming Les Miserables film, and it looks pretty good, and hmm, that's a great voice singing "I Dreamed a Dream." That must be some opera star. Or is that Susan Boyle? Hm, nope, it's ... ANNE HATHAWAY!!! But that's not all, folks.


Joining Anne in the who-the-hell-knew-they-could-sing ranks are Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, and Hugh Jackman. Wait, everyone knows Hugh Jackman can sing. But Russell Crowe? Okay, so you knew! You know everything!

Anyway, Anne's voice is so touchingly beautiful, it will give you chills down your spine. But it is just a wee bit flat. That's okay, however, because she's starving and covered in vermin, and hitting every single note precisely isn't her priority that moment. And she's not exactly rocking that buzz cut.

The film is directed by Tom Hooper (The King's Speech) and it looks really good. Gritty and real. The last time I saw this many dirty, unemployed people was at Occupy Wall Street!

Check out the trailer and keep a hanky nearby. Is this a film you'd go see?


Image via Universal Pictures

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