Robert Pattinson Can't Kill Off His Vampire Side

robert pattinsonThe Twilight Saga will officially come to an end with the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in November, and it's already hard to imagine never seeing Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart together on-screen as Edward & Bella after that. Their love story is just so eternal and their characters are going to be impossible to forget. And Robert Pattinson knows this all too well -- because he's totally over being known as Edward Cullen.

In a new interview, he even admits to being afraid of being typecast in that character for the rest of his career. And it's understandable that he's ready to move on and separate himself from the Twilight Saga for good. But the truth is, he's never going to fully shake his vampire persona. Nope. Whether he likes it or not -- he's going to be living in Edward Cullen's shadow for the rest of his life. (Wait a minute -- do vampires even have shadows?)


Other than the Twilight movies, I've only seen Rob in Water for Elephants and Bel Ami (which doesn't release until June, but it's on the On Demand, same day as theaters channel). And even though I tried as hard as I could to get into the characters he played in those films, I kept picturing Edward Cullen in my head -- and I kept waiting for him to walk into the sunlight and start sparkling or take off like a speeding bullet and climb a huge tree.

It wasn't that his acting skills weren't up to par or anything like that, because he really has mastered his craft. But Edward is just such an iconic character, and it's going to be very tough for Rob to entirely separate himself from the role. And while it may be kind of annoying to have your name associated with a single character, there really are a lot worse people to be known as than Edward Cullen. Good thing for Rob he wasn't cast as one of the Volturi.

When you see Robert Pattinson, do you automatically think of Edward Cullen?


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