New 'Snow White & the Huntsman' Clip Will Have You Crushing on Kristen Stewart's Prince (VIDEO)

kristen stewart in snow white and the huntsmanIt's a matter of days until Snow White & the Huntsman arrives in theaters, and the hype is surely building. Of course, we know Kristen Stewart has taken on roles other than Bella Swan before, so it's not exactly a first. But still, seeing her as a revolutionary Snow White will be an interesting change of pace! Add in not one but two sexy leading men Chris Hemsworth as Huntsman Eric and Sam Claflin as Prince William -- and the always magnetic Charlize Theron as the ruthless Queen Ravenna, and the cast alone seems like reason enough to want to check out the special effects-packed fairy tale.

If you're itching for more than just the spectacular trailer, you're in luck. We got our hands on an exclusive debut of a sneak peek featurette called "Honorable Prince," in which Sam Claflin speaks to the Prince's relationship with KStew's Snow White ...


Wow!! That last scene totally takes your breath away! And awww, I am so totally crushing on Prince William Sam Claflin right now. He seems like such a dollface, and his character -- the "honorable, loyal, very respectable bloke" that he is -- sounds like the perfect modern Prince.

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It's sort of hard to tell from this clip if Claflin and KStew have chemistry (although, come on, let's be real -- if they do, it'll never match hers with RPattz, but that's okay!). But the scene in which they see one another "for the first time" since they've grown up, staring at one another across the fire, seems to hint at a sweet romantic vibe. I am also loving that their characters' fathers were good friends, as were they when they were children. Because no radical gal wants a complete stranger (even if he is a Prince) coming to rescue her. No, a Dawson-Joey-style relationship is way better!

To be honest, all these super action-y fight scenes aren't really my thing. I'm more looking forward to the character development, the psycho Queen scenes it looks like Charlize pulls off incredibly well, and hopefully, plenty of romance between Snow White and Prince William (maybe also Huntsman Eric?). But judging from this clip, it'll be impossible to be bored during all the action, as well, because it'll be that engaging. So psyched!

Will you be checking out Snow White & the Huntsman on June 1? What are you looking forward to most about the flick?


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