2nd Masseur Accuses John Travolta of Sexual Assault & It All Makes Sense Now

John TravoltaYou know how they say when it rains, it pours? Well, for John Travolta it's pouring masseurs who say he sexually harassed them. After we were just starting to digest the skeevy allegations of "reverse massage" against the actor yesterday, now yet another masseur has come forward with a similar story.

According to People the second accuser claims the incident happened at a resort in the Atlanta area. He's also chosen to remain anonymous and is represented by the same attorney as the first. Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, was quick to shoot down the new charge saying it's "just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one."

At this point, it's just one big he-said, he-said, but I think there's something no one is saying about what really might be happening here


I'm sure the second accuser will make some people more inclined to believe Travolta is guilty and that he really did these atrocious things (He's married! With kids!). Others will likely see this as just someone wanting to jump on the litigious money train (the plaintiffs are seeking $2 million each). I, however, think the emergence of the second accuser could mean that JTrav is just looking for a little free publicity.

You did know he has a movie coming out soon, right? It's the new Oliver Stone one, titled Savages due out this summer, which will star Travolta alongside Uma Thurman, Blake LivelyBenicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, and a lot of pot. And when was the last time you really thought of Travolta? All of this has us thinking about him again for sure, now doesn't it?

While planting such outrageous stories about yourself seems counterintuitive to getting good publicity, the saying does go, "All press is good press." And if that's the case, then J.T.'s PR team may have just pulled a major coup

Okay, okay, that may be a stretch, BUT so is believing accusations like these with absolutely no evidence. At this point, anything is possible -- although I refuse to believe Danny Zuko would ever do the things of which he's been accused.

Do you think the allegations against John Travolta could be a big publicity stunt?


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