Watch Cameron Diaz Perform a Mock Circumcision (VIDEO)

matthew morrison cameron diaz

With What to Expect When You're Expecting, the movie, hitting theaters next Friday, May 18th, I was stoked to get to sit down with Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison, who play luh-uvers Jules and Evan in the latest film about impending parenthood. Jules and Evan find themselves unexpectedly expecting and get swept up in all the typical "should we/shouldn't we?" banter of modern couples on the verge of baby. So, of course, they really got into it on the hot button topic of circumcision -- Evan is Jewish but, after researching, Jules finds the procedure to be cruel and unnecessary.  

I just had to ask Cameron and Matthew if they had any idea how controversial the circumcision debate truly is for many parents these days. And let me tell you, I was pretty surprised to see that Cameron knows a detailed thing or two about how the circumcision procedure really goes down.


So here's what I asked Cameron and Matthew (who are both even more pretty in real life, if you can believe it): In the CafeMom community, circumcision is a really hot button topic? Did you know this was so controversial before doing the movie? 

And here's what I got for a precise and visually descriptive answer from Cameron Diaz:

Well, she has a point, no? I mean even I was giggling nervously in my seat as she performed that mock procedure midair. Looks like someone did her research!

Of course, Matthew's very physical response shows us exactly why the description could have earned the film an R rating. Cause people can't handle the truth. Pass the Styrofoam and Saran Wrap, please.

What do you think of Cameron's response? Think she hit the nail on the head about how we talk (or rather, don't talk) about circumcision (and beef)?

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