Kristen Stewart Is All Messy-Haired & Armored Up in New ‘Snow White’ Poster

snow white & huntsman kstew

The new posters for Snow White and the Huntsman are here, and they're fierce! Here's Kristen Stewart as Snow White looking ready for a fight with her bad-ass braid, shield, and armor. I love the chilly battle scene behind her and the jagged gold lettering. 

And in the next poster we have Snow White's nemesis-turned-trainer Chris Hemsworth looking hhhhhhandsome in his poster. I'll take him in my corner. Take a look!


chris hemsworth snow white

Hmm, the huntsman beard on Hemsworth -- it works with the flared nostrils. I like! How about you? No I'm serious, I love this look on Chris much better than Liam's more clean-cut look in Hunger Games

I liked the other poster, but these really seem to capture what we see in the latest extended trailer. A dark, wicked, fantastic thriller. You can almost hear the clashing swords! And so much gray and metal. We already knew this was no ordinary, froofy fairy-tale movie. But now? We're about a million miles away from the original Disney Snow White. Something tells me we will not be seeing KStew warbling with the birds at her shuttered window. 

Oh, but that apple is still there. Check out the evil queen played by Charlize Theron. Does she really turn into a raven? (Hold her hand over the half with Charlize and look at just the bird. EEEK! Creepy!) Okay, I'm officially afraid of this queen. 

snow white & huntsman charlize


Are you more excited about seeing Snow White and the Huntsman after seeing these posters?


Images via Universal Pictures/Facebook 

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