New 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Photos Provide Chilling Look at Vampire Bella

breaking dawn 2 poster twilight

We have the first still photos from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2! Get ready to gaze upon Kristen Stewart (along with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner natch) in her full vampire glory, with waves of amber tresses that almost match her (GASP!) red vampire eyes. Seriously, the photo gives me goosebumps! 

Oh, I guess you want to take a look, right? Well, here you go ...


breaking dawn 2 bella vampire edward twilight kristen stewart robert pattinson

And she's stunning next to Robert Pattinson. Aww, Bella and Edward have matching eyes now. And matching pallor. Damn, just when you thought being a vampire couldn't look hotter!

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As Bella says in the Breaking Dawn 2 teaser trailer, "After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I could shine." Um, yeah. And hey, look who else has a new pic out.  

taylor lautner

Oh, hello Taylor Lautner! Team Jacob, this smouldering gaze here is just for you. Try not to melt all over your keyboard. Yes, I'd like a Jacob manwich hot off the grill, please. Thankyoooooo.

It's going to be a mil thrill to see Bella kicking ass as a vampire! And as Edward's vampire consort -- oh my, I do declare, I think I may faint at the very prospect.

I love the white shirt on Edward. It just makes his dark hair and eyes stand out even stronger. And did you notice Taylor is in black -- hmm, black and white, interesting. If these two ever had an intense stare contest, it would probably go on forever. (And I volunteer to stand between them for it!) So cannot wait for all the extreme handsomeness, hot staring vampirefest when this movie finally comes out!

New posters (shown at the top) look great, too. So perfectly dramatic, don't you think?

breaking dawn 2 poster

What do you think of the new pics from Breaking Dawn 2?


Images via Summit Entertainment

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