'Cosmopolis' Trailer Proves Robert Pattinson's Career Has Only Just Begun (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis
Robert Pattinson looking delicious in 'Cosmopolis'
With the Cannes Film Festival about to get underway, do you know what that means? It means that David Cronenberg's much anticipated film, Cosmopolis, which stars none other than Robert Pattinson, is set to premiere. Ahhh! Do those French film-goers know just how lucky they are?! They're going to get to see RPatz shred his squeaky clean (and gleaming) Twilight skin once and for all, because Cosmopolis shows the actor in a completely different light. 

Need proof? The consolation prize for those of us who aren't at Cannes is a full-length trailer, which is now posted on the Cosmopolis website. Although the teaser was out a few weeks back, the new, almost two-minute clip offers a concrete look at how sexy, dirty, and dangerous RPatz is in the film. And whew, baby, there are more than few OMG moments!

Check it out (but be forewarned, it is probably NSFW) ...


Uh. Yeah. Are you as speechless as I am? So, okay. We already knew going into this that the film, based on the book by Don DeLillo, would be sexy and violent and perhaps a bit disturbing but also very sexy. We knew that Robert Pattinson in it would be uber-sexy -- and naked.

But I'm not sure we knew he would be showcasing SUCH serious acting chops! After seeing this, I am convinced: He's on his way to being a force to reckon with a la Brad, Will Smith, Leo ...

In fact, the progression of his career could be similar to Leonardo DiCaprio's. You know how Leo DiCaprio went from being a teen heartthrob in Titanic to being a serious actor in The Departed. Cosmopolis could very well be RPatz's Departed moment! But this will likely be even more unexpected. So far, despite his impressive turns in Water for Elephants and Bel Ami, there's a huge part of Hollywood that just sees him as "that Twilight guy." Well, not after this, buddy!

I believe this is the dawn of a whole new RPatz. One who could very easily be up for some Academy Awards sooner or later, but after seeing this trailer ... I'm guessing sooner.

Are you impressed with RPatz in this new trailer? Are you psyched to see Cosmopolis?

Image via Cosmopolisthefilm.com

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