Channing Tatum's 'Magic Mike' Stripper Trailer Is Magical Alright (VIDEO)

magic mikeHey, hey, hey ladies! The Magic Mike trailer is here. WOOO! Get ready to pull out your wallet and stuff some bills into Channing Tatum's drawers because our boy puts on some shows. Another round of mimosas for our table!

Remember when we first told you about Magic Mike and everyone wondered, Who's this Channing guy with the bad porn mustache? Yeah, well, a 21 Jump Street here and The Vow there and we'd like some more, please.

It's the role real-life former (kinda still) stripper Channing was born to play. I mean, what took Hollywood so long? Geez.


You know what? I'm going to have to watch the trailer 50 or so more times to get a real feeling for it. Excuse me.

Okay, I'm back. So ... is it me, or does this movie strike you as the creation of a focus group? It's like they're trying to answer that age-old question, What Do Women Want? Here is their movie answer.

  • Hot men writhing in their skivvies.
  • Hot man with a SOUL and FEELINGS and DREAMS.
  • Hot man who is really into furniture. Just like you!

Wait, this is starting to sound a little less like a straight woman's fantasy. Anyway -- yes, in case you haven't heard it a million times, Channing once worked as a stripper. And Steven Soderbergh was so taken with that story (ORLLY?), he decided to make a movie about it. Only this time, instead of being about a male stripper who wants so much more -- he wants to act! It's about a male stripper who wants so much more -- he wants to design furniture! But in a totally straight way, srlsy dude. Because there's also this girl he's really into and they're going to fall in love to a Rihanna song. OMGOMGOMG, fanning myself. Thank you, movie! Here's another $12.

Would you ever date a male stripper?


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