Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in Competing Films Will Heat Up Cannes

kstew rpatGuess who may be going to Cannes together this year -- KStew and RPattz! Did I say together? Make that together-ish. Both may have movies at the Cannes film festival in France this year (it's unconfirmed until April 19): Kristen's On the Road and Robert's Cosmopolis.

Cannes could burst into a KStew/RPattz love fest frenzy for all! Oh please let it be so. This would be epic.

I don't know if Southern France is ready for this kind of action. I mean, I know they've survived Brangelina, but ...


Wouldn't you love to see these two canoodling together on the red carpet? I can hear the screaming now.

And how about both being in competing films -- again?!? First The Runaways and Remember Me compete with each other at the box office. Then we learned Snow White and the Huntsman and Bel Ami would be released just a week apart. Now this! Who cares about the Cannes judges -- which film will fans vote for? Both, right?

Well even if only one -- or neither -- of the films makes it to Cannes, there's another competition that's just plain inevitable: Sexiest movie. Anyone care to wager whose movie will win that competition? I think we're going to have to do multiple screenings to figure that out.

Do you think Kristen's and Robert's films could both make it to Cannes this year?


Images via CosmopolisFilm, MK2 Productions

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