Tom Cruise & Alec Baldwin Revive Hair Metal in 'Rock of Ages' Trailer (VIDEO)

rock of agesComplete the lyric: I've seen a million faces ... Okay, if you instantly belted out: And I've ROCKED them all! Then I guarantee the trailer for Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin will have you on your feet faster than you can sing: Do you take sugar? One lump or two?!?!?

Ahem. Okay, so maybe I went to a few dozen Bon Jovi/Def Leppard/Poison/Warrant etc. concerts back in the day. But I'm pretty sure even those of you who didn't spend the '80s with a can of Aquanet directed at your alarmingly poofy bangs will be ridiculously entertained by Tom Cruise as (fictitious) hair metal king Stacee Jaxx -- not to mention Alec Baldwin as club promoter Dennis Dupree.

I might go so far as to say that nailing this role is probably the best career move Cruise could have possibly made right about now. Or ever.


Because, let's face it: Tom Cruise was taking himself a little tiny bit too seriously for awhile there (couch-jumping, cough, Matt Lauer, throat-clearing noise). So of course the best way to win his audience back was to go in the complete opposite direction. Tropic Thunder = Sheer Brilliance.

It's impossible not to like Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, impossible I say!! Dude did his homework, too -- from the spot-on swagger he pulls off performing "Wanted: Dead or Alive" in the last scene of the trailer, it's plain to see that Cruise racked up some serious hours watching old episodes of Headbanger's Ball.

Check it out, man ...

Does the Rock of Ages trailer make you want to pull on your old pair of acid-washed jeans?

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