'American Reunion' Serves Up 10 Hilarious Surprises

American Reunion

Kevin, Jim, Stifler, Oz, Finch -- the gang's all here! And better than ever, I'd say. There's something about those American Pie movies, I'll tell ya, they're friggen awesome. The first three were good but according to my movie review, American Reunion really takes the pie cake.

Considering we met these characters over a decade ago, it's safe to say we know them pretty well. But it also goes without saying that a lot can change in 13 years. There are quite a few surprises in store -- surprises that had me laughing out loud and literally dropping my jaw. When it comes to this pie, they certainly saved the best piece for last.

And here's why I know you'll love it ...


1. Questions will be answered ... like why Oz didn't attend Jim and Michelle's wedding! A question that I, too, had been asking myself since 2003.

2. There's a new MILF in town, move over, Stifler's mom.

3. Speaking of Stifler's mom, she finds someone new to pass the, err ... time with.

4. You can expect some full frontal nudity. It's perfectly natural.

5. Someone comes out of the closet.

6. We finally find out Jim's Dad's first name.

7. There is an absolutely hilarious spoof involving Dancing With the Stars.

8. Kevin rocks some pretty offensive facial hair that must be witnessed on the big screen.

9. Eugene Levy gets his famous "caterpillar" brows done.

10. You can look forward to hearing some amazingly awesome '90s music, including two of American Pie's classics, "Laid" by Matt Nathanson and "Sway" by Liz Phair.

Check out the movie trailer here:

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will think American Reunion is by far the best of the four movies. It's not quite as raunchy as the other three (no pie-humping here!), but I would still recommend leaving the kids at home for this one. If you're new to the American Pie fan club, you might want to rent the other three before hitting up the movie theaters.

And in lieu of a super wordy, boring movie review, I'll leave you with this instead:

This one time ... at the movies ... I saw American Reunion ... and it was so funny.

Will you be seeing American Reunion in theaters nationwide Friday?

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