Whitney Houston in 'Sparkle' Trailer Reveals What Might Have Been (VIDEO)

 Whitney Houston

The trailer for the movie Sparkle was released today, and it's seriously chill-inducing. Knowing that this film is Whitney Houston's last performance and that she served as one of the producers of the film is pretty heavy stuff. Fan or not, it's always a little jarring to see someone who died so tragically so recently come to life again before your eyes, and especially playing a role that is so eerily close to her real life and her own tragic ending.

Houston plays Emma Williams, mom to three sisters who form an all-girl Motown sensation that is the subject of the story. Emma is a former performer herself, and tries to help her daughters deal with the fallout of fame and drug addiction. Strangely familiar, right?


Watching the trailer causes a collision of a lot of different reactions. First it's, wow, I really want to see this movie. Really good actors, a sexy gritty storyline, and amazing music -- definitely mark this soundtrack for download. You've got former A-Idol Jordin Sparks in the lead role and helping to write some of the original music (along with Cee Lo Green and Houston), so that's not a surprise.

But all that aside, there's Houston. She's not the main character of the movie, but I found myself watching the trailer looking specifically for her. She looks beautiful, strong, and healthy. When you see her on the screen, talking all sassy to her "daughters," you remember that yes, Houston could act! She was good, she had a future, she could have made a comeback. Top it off with clips of her performing a soul-shattering gospel tune "His Eye Is on the Sparrow," it's hard not to get depressed and ask why?

How sad that this is Houston's first acting appearance in 15 years, the one that everyone was saying might have turned her career around -- and it's also the last film any of us will ever see her in.

Watch the trailer to get a taste of the movie that will hit theaters August 17 and that is now apart of Houston's tragic legacy:

Does seeing this trailer make you want to see the full movie?

Image and video via Yahoo! Movies

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