'Total Recall' Girl Fight Pits Jessica Biel vs. Kate Beckinsale (VIDEO)

total recallThe new Total Recall trailer rolled out on the Internets yesterday and I did my duty as an occasional entertainment writer to view it: Action flick staring Colin Farrell (not my favorite, whatever), futuristic setting, crazy-looking guns, bla bla bla. Clearly a boy movie. Next! I almost clicked away, but then: Girl Fight!

That's right, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel going ninja-windmill-kick against each other. How often do we see that? (I mean in a major studio film, not a reality TV show.) With two female action leads, maybe I should reconsider?


Love how Jessica has shed her Seventh Heaven image! And did I mention Kate Beckinsale is a mom in her late 30s? That's so inspiring/terrifying, right? Anyhoo.

Were those Stormtroopers in front of Kate?

From what I've gathered, Kate Beckinsale is Colin Farrell's wife. But turns out she's one of the bad guys and he ends up teaming up with Jessica Biel, who plays a prostitute/resistance leader. (Naturally the two go hand-in-hand.) These two characters were in the original Schwarzenegger original (more or less). But that was back in 1990, when I was a college student who only saw the free foreign films on campus. So I have NO RECALL of the original Total Recall.

Now we have this super-futuristic Total Recall, NEW! With improved female character development and fresh, lavender scent! Will I go out and see it? Mmmmmmaybe. I'm still not a big action flick fan, but getting some cool female characters in there definitely helps. Not that I can identify with them, exactly, but at least there's someone sorta-kinda like me in there.

Do Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel make you want to see Total Recall?


Image via ENTV/YouTube

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