New 'Mirror, Mirror' Clip Reveals Shocking Twist in the Fairytale (VIDEO)

Lily Collins Armie Hammer Mirror Mirror

If there's one thing a mom is happy to get behind, it's a leading lady who actually gets to take the lead. And from what we've seen of the upcoming Julia Roberts flick Mirror, Mirror, the new live-action of the classic fairytale Snow White is one of those self-rescuing princesses every woman dreams of being.

Here at The Stir we were so excited to see Lily Collins (that's singer Phil Collins' daughter, all grown up!) and her dwarf buddies playing hero to the prince (played by Armie Hammer of The Social Network) that we arranged to for the exclusive debut of a sneak peek called "Break the Spell." Check out Snow White and her merry band of little men trying to foil a "puppy love" spell the queen has cast to make the prince fall in love with her:


Yesssss! Let's hear it for girls who are in charge of the situation while the guy sits by helplessly! I know this isn't exactly like the original fairy tale, but I can't say I'm exactly crying for the prince because he's got to be the one caught up in a spell. How many princesses have been put through that indignity in the books and the movies over the years? We've been there, done that, have a library of it all ... we want to go to the movies to see something new and fresh.

Besides, isn't Hammer adorably clueless (not to mention just plain adorable)? And Collins just the right mix of sassy and sweet? Mirror, Mirror has taken a classic tale and made it not just funny but the kind of movie the modern lass watches and walks out of the theater feeling good about. I can't wait to see what they do with Snow White from beginning to end. 

It's probably going to take awhile for me to get used to Julia Robert as evil, but I have to say I am loving this new era of badass babes on screen. Real women don't need a man to rescue them thankyouverymuch so why should our counterparts on the big screen?

Why are you excited to see Mirror, Mirror?

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