'The Host' Trailer Gives 'Twilight' Fans Something New -- Aliens! (VIDEO)

'The Host' Trailer

Now that The Hunger Games has hit theaters and there's what feels like a bazillion years until the next installment of Breaking Dawn comes out, many of us supernatural fans are hungering for something to hold us over. Well lucky for us all, The Host, a big-screen take on the OTHER best seller from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, is on the horizon. Well ... sort of. It may not be out until NEXT March 2013, but today's big news is The Host trailer is here, and in short -- it looks creepily spectacular.

Want to know what all The Host hype is about? Check out all the alien-filled, spooky fun (and the trailer!) after the jump.


First things first -- let's look at the trailer, shall we?

Yeah, I was a little confused too. The premise of The Host is that Earth has been invaded by an unseen enemy (AKA aliens) who takes over different humans as "hosts." What's that mean? Well, the minds of these "hosts" essentially become property of their new alien owners, while their bodies remain completely intact. Sounds sorta spooky, eh?

If the plot doesn't sell you, then the hunky eye candy just might. Prepare to gawk over Jake Abel (you might remember him from The Lovely Bones). One of the leading men in the movie, Abel is a little young at the ripe age of 24, but he's got eyes that I could stare at for DAYS. The big question: Is Abel going to blow up on the Hollywood scene like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner?

Sigh. Only another 365 days (give or take) to anticipate it all, I suppose.

Are you planning on seeing The Host?


Image via joblomovienetwork/YouTube

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