Jennifer Lawrence’s Biggest ‘Hunger Games’ Fear Gives Us the Crawlies, Too

You GUYS. We are officially mere HOURS from The Hunger Games hitting theaters, and I don't know about you but I am SUPER EXCITED. I am also SUPER JEALOUS of everyone who got an early screening of the movie because WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT WHERE'S MY GOLDEN TICKET, but nevermind! Excited!

At this point I'm pretty much done checking out the teaser clips because I'd rather wait for the full meal deal, but I'm always intrigued by behind-the-scenes info on how a movie comes together.

While I've been following some of the cast's commentary on how challenging The Hunger Games was to film, now that I know exactly what situation Jennifer Lawrence had to face as she channeled Katniss for the cameras, I'm all the more impressed with our favorite Girl on Fire.


It wasn't that she did many of her own stunts, although that's pretty damn awesome. Lawrence trained bigtime before filming started, including free running—a parkour-based physical discipline which combined agility, combat, climbing, archery, and yoga.

It wasn't that she had to deal with extreme heat while filming the intensely physical moments like the Cornucopia scene in the middle of the movie, which involved sprinting over and over in 105 degree sunshine in a full jacket and pants. (By the way,
pay special attention during this scene because she says she's excited for fans to see it: "At the very beginning Gary [Ross] does something that was so beautiful and unexpected that really got to me.")

It wasn't even that Lawrence was able to fully embrace the character and
fall in love with what she represents:

She's a leader. She's a warrior. She's Joan of Arc. She's this brave girl that gets shoved into this horrifying situation and not only comes out on top, but sparks an uprising. Not only wins, but she changes the game. She not only beats their game, she changes it. (…) this is the generation that's obsessed with reality television and watching people's lives fall apart while we eat popcorn. (But we are also) the generation that can change things and that can stand up.

All those things are fascinating, the kinds of details that make me even more interested in seeing a movie. I love knowing that an actor became so invested in a role, not only physically, but emotionally.

But the one revelation that officially makes
Jennifer Lawrence a brave, awesome, totally rockstar Katniss in my book? THE SPIDERS. You guys, every single time you see Katniss in a tree during the movie, just know that Lawrence was dealing with her worst fear, which just so happens to be my worst fear as well: SPIDERS. SPIDERS IN THE TREES.

The worst part about tree-climbing is the spiders, my biggest fear. I mean, we had bears, we had wolves, snakes, poison ivy, everything. Nothing got to me as much as spiders. And like Daddy Longlegs, it doesn’t matter how harmless they are, I’m terrified. So they used to clean the spiders off the tree before I got up there. They’d be like, “Yeah, yeah, we’ve got a spider killer up there.” And they would just lie to me and I’d be like, “Okay.”

Honest to god, that's the point where I'd be like, yeah, I know this is a role of a lifetime and all, but a spider just fell on my face so I'M OUT. Jennifer Lawrence, you have my utmost respect and admiration, and I cannot wait to see you in action.


On a scale of Meh to OMG, how excited are you to see The Hunger Games this weekend?

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