'Hunger Games' Movie by the Numbers (SPOILERS)

Katniss Hunger Games bow arrowIt's time to play The Hunger Games, everybody! Get your District 12 gear on, and get ready to root for Katniss, Peeta and the gang. The odds were in my favor last night, as I got a sneak peek at the most anticipated movie of the year for those of us who are over vampires and ready to move on to post-apocalyptic teen angst. You guys, it was awesome.

If you loved the book, you'll be very happy with the movie. Especially Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, the Mockingjay herself. I don't think there is a young lady alive who would have been a better fit for this eponymous role, and I cannot wait to see her in the next two installments. Also, hello Gale!

But what you really want to know, were all the details, am I right? Read onward for The Hunger Games by the numbers, but be forewarned, major spoilers are ahead.


13 Arrows Shot by Katniss

5 Times You Hear "May the odds be ever in your favor."

5 Angry, Yet Hot Looks From Gale

5 Mental Outbursts by Team Gale! (me)

3 Longing Stares From Peeta to Katniss

8 Times You Think, "That wasn't in the book."

1 Slice of Bread Eaten

2 Drinks Poured by Haymitch

0 Drinks Taken by Haymitch (on screen)

5 Clueless Teenager Looks by Katniss

1 Celebrity Who Cut In Front of Me at the Concession Stand (hope you enjoyed your popcorn, Carson Daly!)

3 Young Women in the Audience With a Single Side Braid

80,000,000 Estimated Dollars Spent on Making The Hunger Games

Infinity Is How Many District 12 Residents Could Live on That $100,000,000

2 Unexpected Crying Jags (mine)

0 Product Placement Opportunities in the Hob

5,000 Moments You Think, "I did not picture Cinna as being this hot. Whoa, Cinna is HOT."

1 Audience Member Who Clearly Did Not Read the Book & Therefore Freaked Out When Rue Was Killed

22 Tribute Deaths

5 Tributes Who Totally Deserved It

Are you pumped to see The Hunger Games? What scene are you most anxious to see?


Image via Hunger Games website

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