'Dark Shadows' Trailer Will Make You Scream -- With Excitement! (VIDEO)

I am not a huge fan of Johnny Depp or even of vampires, but when the trailer for the new Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows may change all that. The movie is based on the 1970's era gothic television show of the same name, but from the trailer, it looks completely different. This is as it should be.

There has never been a successful TV to movie transition of a show, especially from the 1970's, that did not make fun of itself a bit. Think Brady Bunch or Addams Family. Both were true to the scripts, but also deviated a bit by making fun of themselves and taking it over the top.

Dark Shadows appears to be playing it even cooler. See below:


Can't go wrong with playing for laughs, right? Even better, it looks sexy. Seriously, I was all hot and bothered during those scenes and I am not even a massive Depp fan. But sex on the ceiling? Hello. That's hot.

I also appreciate the 1970's vibe with the lava lamps and VW buses and general attention to period detail. Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays a big role in the flick, also made me happy.

It is a genius way to bring the small screen big. Even people (like me) who never made a regular habit of watching Dark Shadows reruns can see this and appreciate the humor and sexiness without being a massive fan of the show.

Also, Depp is just funny and he is at his best when working with Burton. Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands and on and on. There is no doubt these two are kindred spirits and can turn out a funny and interesting movie together. In their hands, it's going to be unique and awesome.

Big win!  I can't wait to see it when it opens on May 11.

Did you think it looked good?


Image via firsthowingtv/YouTube

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