Julianne Moore Does Nicey Nice Sarah Palin in ‘Game Change’ (VIDEO)

julianna moore game changeThose of us who don't have HBO were pretty bummed over missing Game Change. I wanted to see the movie for the story, of course. But I was also dying to see how Julianne Moore played Sarah Palin. Just going by the previews, it looked like she'd be amazing.

So I was thrilled when someone made a video pairing scenes from the movie with real footage from the same moments in real life! It gave me a chance to see what Julianne Moore's take on Sarah Palin was. And I sure was surprised. Check it out.


It seems to me that where Sarah has a stronger, more assertive tone, Julianne dials it back and is a bit softer. I wonder if she's trying to avoid doing a caricature, a la Tina Fey? I mean, you could really lean into those strident tones. I think Julianne must have been reaching for something more, a portrayal that would take the character for the full length of a movie. And for that she had to actually have some empathy for Sarah Palin.

So maybe this is Julianne working to reveal deeper emotions and go beyond Sarah Palin's worst gaffes/greatest hits. She sure did nail that wild scared/angry look Sarah sometimes got in her eyes. And her hand gestures are spot on.

Maybe it really is hard for Julianne to get past her lovely "actress" voice -- how else do I put that? It's a voice she's been nurturing her entire career. It's like she's avoided yelling for her entire adult life. Was she also protecting her vocal cords?

What did you think of Julianne Moore's take on Sarah Palin? Do you notice the differences?


Image via flammable2002/YouTube

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