New 'Hunger Games' Sneak Peek: Watch Katniss Rock the Bow & Arrow (VIDEO)

katniss arrowEver get frustrated when you're trying to concentrate on something important and there's freakin' annoying noise in the background? Yeah, well, here's a new clip from The Hunger Games with Katniss showing you how to handle that situation. Damn, that girl makes bad-ass look easy, doesn't she?

The scene has her competing in an archery event. She nails a bullseye, pwn! But ... what's all that puerile commotion over by the tables? Bitchez be bantering over a roasted pig, that's what. Oh naw. When Katniss is trying to get her shot, that kind of tom-foolery ain't gonna fly.

Take a look at how girlfriend silences a room.


"Who ordered this pig?" BAM! Me and this arrow, fool! 

who ordered this pig
Peeing his pants
That'll teach a Gamemaker! I have but one complaint about this clip: It's too short. I mean, great editing for impact and all that, but couldn't they fit in the rest of the movie in there, too? SIGH. We still have a whole month to go. I'm starting to think they actually are going to leak out the entire movie scene by scene before then -- almost. But in the meantime, these little sneak peeks just make me more excited for when the movie finally comes out!

And doesn't Jennifer Lawrence perfectly capture what Katniss was actually feeling here? She is about 14 different shades of awesome.

katniss ayfkmwts
Are you f#$%ing kidding me with this s@#$?

Team Katniss all the way, y'all. Although, as an aside, is it me or is anyone else craving roasted pig right about now? Crispy skin, throw me some hot, fresh, tortillas, some limes ... where was I? Ehhh, maybe it's just because it's lunch time. No disrespect, Katniss.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss?


Images via TheHungerGamesMovie/YouTube

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