Success of ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 2’ Depends on Robsten Staying Together

As a faithful Twilight fan, it's kind of pathetic and inexcusable that I just saw Breaking Dawn for the first time this past weekend. (Gasp!) And I wish I had a good excuse for why it took me so long to arrive at Bella and Edward's wedding -- but I really don't. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail or something like that.

I may have been fashionably late to the Breaking Dawn party, but I still found myself tearing up like every other Twilight-loving suburban mom when Bella walked down the aisle and saw Edward standing there waiting to make her his eternal bride. OMG. How incredible is their love story? And how awesome is it that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting it on in real life too?

Shhh -- don't you dare say that they aren't the real deal (Emmett, er, Kellan Lutz says they're "madly in love," and I believe him). They totally are. They HAVE to be. And if Robert and Kristen ever split, it will ruin the whole Twilight experience for obsessed people like me.


Let's put this into perspective. Do you remember how you felt when you watched The Notebook for the twentieth time and got all sappy and emotional because you were just so distraught over the fact that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams had broken up off-screen? It was horrible. And as much as I hate to admit it -- it changed the way the film felt somehow. It's almost like it was just way harder to believe that two people could find their way back into each other's arms after being apart for so long. If Noah and Allie couldn't make it work, then how are regular people like us supposed to do it? Doesn't anybody get a happy ending?

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Ok -- now take that feeling and multiply it by about a thousand. Imagine going back through all of the films starting with the original Twilight, and watching Bella and Edward's story progress from him pushing her out of the way of a speeding car to her almost dying while trying to push out their half-human, half-vampire baby. And now try and imagine watching those moments all while knowing that Robert and Kristen had just broken up, and the news was already going crazy with reports of their obvious attempts to avoid each other on the red carpet at the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2. Holy Toledo. Can you even imagine how devastated fans would be? It would be an outrage!

I really just can't take anymore. I'd better just go ahead and stop talking about a possible Robsten breakup before I upset myself further and smudge my mascara.

Do you think that Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are in it for the long haul?


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