Channing Tatum Is Way Too Hunky For ‘The Vow’

Planning on seeing The Vow this weekend? Because it looks like the perfect blend of sap, tears, and feel-good stuff to get us ready for Valentine's Day next week. What gal doesn't love a flick that gets her all psyched up about true love right before what usually turns out to be the most disappointing day of the year?

I'm not gonna lie. I got a tad bit excited the first time I saw the trailer for The Vow. It really seems to have the whole Nicholas Sparks vibe going on, which I typically love. And don't even get me started on my girl crush on Rachel McAdams. She's beyond amazing, the perfect gal to tug at our heartstrings and make us wish we lived in a movie. Which brings us to the other lead actor in the film, Channing Tatum. It's ok -- go ahead and drool a little bit if you want to. I did.

It's true. Channing Tatum is complete and total eye candy, which is exactly why he was an incredibly bad choice to play the lead in The Vow.


Let me ask you this -- if you woke up in a hospital bed and didn't know who you were or where the hell you were, and Channing Tatum stood there insisting that he was your husband and you were happy and in love, would you argue with him? ... I didn't think so.

Heck, I'd probably look him in the eye and smile and mutter, "If you say so, buddy!" under my breath before ripping off the hospital bracelet, hopping out of bed, and telling him to take me home right that second. And then we'd live happily ever after in wedded bliss. (One can dream.)

The Vow would be a whole lot easier to believe if the directors had cast someone a little less hunky than Tatum in the lead role.

One really good choice would've been Justin Long. You know -- the Mac guy? The dude who dated Drew Barrymore for a while? He looks way more like your average everyday husband. And while it wouldn't suck to be married to him, he's no Channing Tatum.

A couple other really believable options are Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Both have the whole teddy bear, guy next door thing going on. But I'm fairly certain that if I woke up and one of them claimed to be my husband, I'd need more than a little bit of convincing.

Another good route for Channing's role would've been to go with a funny dude, like Jason Biggs or Jason Segel. They are both kinda cute, and it would've been fun to watch Rachel's character fall in love with their charm and wit, even though they are both a little on the dorky side.

Seriously, while we all love our husbands very much, not many of us are married to men who look like they belong on a magazine cover. But I guess even if The Vow isn't really believable, it's still worth watching just to see Channing and all his hotness on the big screen for a couple of hours.

Who would you have cast as the lead in The Vow?


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